Buying Crab Cakes


Domestic vs. Foreign crab meat

What makes Maryland crabcakes so special is its’ distinctly delicious subtle delicate flavor made of only Maryland blue crab meat. Take into consideration the type of crab meat used to make the crab cakes when buying Maryland crab cakes. Other places may use foreign crab meat from countries such as Mexico, South America, or parts of Asia. Foreign crab meat may not taste as good as domestic crabs and are from a different species of crab. Some places use the term “Maryland Crab Cake” to refer to the style in which the crab cakes are prepared and not the type of crab meat used. We use only domestic Maryland Blue Crabs for our delicious crab cakes.

Quality of Maryland Crab Cake Meat

Also there are different types of the crab meat that can be used to make Maryland crab cake recipe.

* Jumbo lump is the premium grade and most expensive form of crab meat coming from the largest pieces of the body.
* Backfin is good quality crab meat.
* Special is the next lower grade of crab meat which comprise of flakes of white body meat.
* And claw is the least expensive and poorest quality crab meat from the claws. Claw crab meat is usually used for crab soup recipes and crab dip recipes.

We use only the best jumbo lump and lump Maryland crab meat to prepare the Maryland crab cakes.

Filler or no Filler
Another important factor to consider is the amount of filler in the Maryland crab-cake. Using fillers gives you less crab meat per ounce of crab cake. We use no fillers or bread crumbs, only 100% Maryland lump crab meat.

Fresh Maryland crab cakes vs. Frozen

Buying fresh crab cakes is the best way to go. Sometime when maryland crab cakes are frozen and thawed, the frozen moisture makes the crab meat rubber or mushy when defrosted. That is why we only ship the Maryland crab cakes fresh and not frozen to give you the best quality and taste. If you would like to keep the crab cakes for longer than three days, you can freeze the Maryland crab cakes for later use.

Minimal Seasoning

If we’re going to use 100% Maryland crab meat, then you do not want to use a lot of seasonings. Too much seasoning obscures the delicate crab meat taste.

Chesapeake Bay Seafood Company only serves the finest and freshest Maryland Crab Cakes delivered to your door anywhere in the United States.