Who Makes the Best Crab Cakes in Baltimore?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Of course the answer to this question is in the taste buds of the beholder. But one thing for sure is how much we really enjoying trying to find the answer.

Here are some of the top rated best crab cake makers in Baltimore and the reasons behind that decision. They are not ranked in order just to be used as guide to finding the best crab cakes for your personal taste.

The Oceanaire Seafood Room – The crab cakes here are broiled and not fried and are very large. The recipe has just the right amount of Old Bay Spice and the perfect ratio of binding agent to crab. It is elegant dining with a splash of Old Mill spice. You can get the crab cake as an appetizer or a full meal. They also like to accompany the crab cakes with a mustard mayo.

Crush in Belvedere Square – The crab cakes live up to the true Baltimore crab cake name with jumbo meat in each one.

Pappa’s Restaurant Parkville – They are rivalled as the best crab cake maker in all of Baltimore and use family recipes for all of their crab cakes. They use local blue crabs colossal jumbo meat in all the cakes. The crab cake is moist on the inside and lightly crispy on the outside.

G&M Restaurant – The crab cakes here have brought the restaurant many different awards since 1999 and the recipe hasn’t changed, why mess with a good thing right? They also use lump crab meat and the original famous Maryland Crab Cake recipes. The chunks of crab meat rival any others and the size of the crab cake is among the largest in Baltimore.

Faidley’s Lexingtong Market – They are known for the famous and most delicious crab cakes. They are made with the largest Blue Crabs and use only jumbo lump meat. They also offer a claw meat crab cake that is just as amazing as the jumbo lump crab cakes.

Captain James Landing – The restaurant is very unique as it looks like a merchant vessel. They have huge blue crab cakes and are among the favorite restaurant for their crab cakes alone.

Duda’s Tavern – Their crab cakes are fried to a golden hue with large lumps of crab meat and minimal binder. The Old Bay spice is abundant as is the parsley flavour of these large tasty crab cakes

Koco’s Pub – The crab cakes here were once called the best crab cakes in the galaxy. This family run establishment makes one of the biggest crab cakes in Baltimore and very flavourful. There is minimal breading and the mayonnaise is lightly flavored with Old Bay seasoning.

Catonsville Gourmet Restaurant – The crab cake sandwich is simple yet effective. They don’t over do the sauce and add the simple pleasures of a crab cake sandwich like white bread and slice of lettuce. The crab cake is large and delicious and most importantly is not overly complicated.

No matter where you go in Baltimore you can find the most amazing crab cakes in all of the US. They are done the best in Baltimore so go try a few for yourself and make your own decisions on the best crab cakes in Baltimore.