What to Do with Your Crab Cakes

Sunday, September 11, 2011

There are many ways you can eat crab cakes.  We even have a few crab cake recipes right here on our site.  Seafood is such a pleasure to eat to many that serving crab cakes is an enjoyable idea to do at an event.  One of our recipes that we wanted to highlight is our “Rab Rangoon Recipe”.  These make the perfect appetizer for a party and are a great way to incorporate the crab cakes into your evening.  This crab cake recipe does not have a long list of ingredients which is always nice when your mind is so full of getting ready for the party.  If you have never tried making them before what a fun time to try something new without it being too scary, since it would not be the main course.  It is always worth making a good appetizer because it can be fondly remembered just as much as the main course.  Of course you could just do a whole crab cakes theme for your menu and do the “Rab Rangoon Recipe” for the start.   Then do traditionally prepared crab cakes for the main course paired with something like a Chardonnay wine, and for side dishes possibly fried okra and some sort of potato.  Another appetizer to add to the menu (because you want a couple appetizers right?) that features crab cakes is our “Crab Dip”.   What makes this so simple is you just put it with a basic Triscuit and you are done.  All of the crab cake recipe ideas are simple but will be great to serve to your guests.  We really hope our crab cakes will add the perfect touch to your event.

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