What Crab Meat is Best for Crab Cakes

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Well, in some places the best meat for crab cakes is whatever you can find. With the export industry so efficient you maybe able to choose whichever crab meat you like best. On the coastal communities there is an abundance of crab at your picking.

Whether you prefer to pick up a fresh crab at your local seafood store or set your trap out the morning before, all crab meat should be cooked the immediately. If you have decided to get your crab meat already cooked from the local deli you are a step ahead from the others but it is recommended that you do not use imitation or canned crab to make your crab cakes.

Once the crabs are cooked be very careful when handling the meat as it is very delicate and it should be folded into the ingredients as to not break it too much. The best part of the crab cakes are the crab.

There are a variety of places to find the meat on the crab but would avoid using the claws as the meat is darker in color and is very strong to taste. It may overwhelm the dish with its flavor, so use the white meat found in the body of crab.

Colossal and Jumbo Lump meat is found on the front part of the crab, the meat is white and comes out in a large delicious lump as opposed to small amounts found in the legs or back of the crab.

Super Lump meat is found in the body of the crab on the sides near the legs on their underside. This area provides a lot of meat consisting of the large lumps found at the back as wells as smaller morsels that are great for making crab cakes.

Backfin meat is found at the top where the hard shell protects the meat. This meat is most popular, is white and has a nice light texture. It is comprised of larger lumps as well as special meat.

When eating crabs you can use almost all of the crab for your various dishes as it all has a similar flavor, grade and texture.

On the West Coast you will mostly find Dungeness crabs. In the North West, you will find Dungeness, Snow and King Crabs. They are all very similar in taste but the Dungeness is the sweeter tasting of the three. On the East Coast you will find Blue Crabs. They are also very sweet in taste and are the favorite for Maryland style and Baltimore style crab cakes.

The main difference between Dungeness and Blue Crabs are the location where they are most abundant and whether the taste is more sweet or salty. Dungeness crabs tend to taste a little more salty than the sweet Blue crab but both are delicious for making crab cakes or any recipe that calls for crab.