What’s Cooking Tonight? Crab cakes!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We are hoping you are planning on cooking some of the best crab cakes out there for dinner.  Why not surprise the family with a yummy crab cake for each of them with the perfect side dishes that compliment the whole meal and end it with apple crisp (Still enjoying the fall weather?).  Ready to get that dinner started that will be featuring some of the best crab cakes.

  1. As we stated in another part of our site, cooking the crab cakes can really be quite simple.   Cooking Instructions:  Bake at 450F 20-25 Minutes until browned.  Or pan saute on medium heat browning both sides (approx. 3-4 minutes for each side).  Crab cakes are fragile, handle with care.
  1. Now, for what will be going along side the best crab cakes.  Potato dishes are pretty popular to go with crab cakes.  You can prepare potatoes in so many ways like french fries, potato salad or for something different try mashed potatoes.  You will probably want a vegetable to go along with the crab cakes and the potato dish so some ideas would be a nice green salad, asparagus or coleslaw.
  1. Since you are wanting to serve up some of the best crab cakes you will be wanting a super delicious dessert to finish the meal.  So how about apple crisp?  It is really so simple to make and you do not have to worry about making sure the crust is perfect like you do when making pies.  Don’t forget to get ice cream to serve up with the apple crisp.

We, at Maryland Crab Cakes, hope we got you excited to start making each of your family members a yummy crab cake along with all the sides and dessert.  Have a fun family night,  maybe you could pull out some of those old boardgames that have been collecting dust.

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