Crab Cake Nutrition

Friday, January 11, 2013

Crab cakes are a decadent appetizer before a meal or a very satisfying meal on its own. They are mostly made with fresh crab meat and formed into patties for frying or grilling. The most popular crab cake is the Baltimore or Maryland crab cakes that use blue crabs found on the Atlantic Coast of Canada and the US.
Depending on how the crab cake is made really determines the nutrition of the crab cakes. If they are home made you can substitute a lot of ingredients to suit your needs.
Nutritional …

Eating Maryland Crab Cakes – Everything Except the Recipe

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The last thing I want to write here is a recipe for Maryland crab cakes. There are an abundance of the best crab cake recipes online with differences in each one to suite every taste. So instead I will provide you some information on what to eat with crab cakes, whether it is for breakfast lunch or an evening meal, some of the more popular sauces that accompany crab cakes and some healthy alternatives ingredients.
Side dishes that pair well with crab cakes
In Maryland the most popular side dish when serving …

Order Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes

Thursday, September 29, 2011

We hope you order our Chesapeake Bay crab cakes today, that way you can have your party or special meal as soon as possible.  We strive to make your order of Chesapeake Bay crab cakes to be as fresh as possible when you receive it, in the way that we ship it to you.  Your enjoyment of the Chesapeake Bay crab cakes is very important to us.  We value you as a customer and hope you continue to order from us whenever you need crab cakes.
What a fun idea to …

What’s Cooking Tonight? Crab cakes!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We are hoping you are planning on cooking some of the best crab cakes out there for dinner.  Why not surprise the family with a yummy crab cake for each of them with the perfect side dishes that compliment the whole meal and end it with apple crisp (Still enjoying the fall weather?).  Ready to get that dinner started that will be featuring some of the best crab cakes.

As we stated in another part of our site, cooking the crab cakes can really be quite simple.   Cooking Instructions:  Bake at …

Order Crab Cakes

Sunday, September 25, 2011

There are so many reasons to order crab cakes.  You might just really enjoy having crab cakes for you and your family.  Maybe you are planning a dinner party or possibly a wedding shower and want to showcase crab cakes as the main dish or appetizer.  All of these are very good reasons to order crab cakes.  We have talked about meals that would work for the family and also dinner parties and what you could do with your dishes.  But we have never talked about doing a wedding shower. …

The Season Changed, Have a Crab Cake

Friday, September 23, 2011

We at Maryland Crab Cakes would like to say happy first day of fall!  With the new season of fall here why not start thinking about cooking more and make yourself a crab cake with a side of french fries.  Today it is easy to think of the leaves changing colors especially with Maryland Crab Cakes being located in the beautiful north eastern states where it is known for its beautiful fall colors.  But anyways back to that tasty crab cake you want to make up for your dinner.  Want …