Our Lovely Blue Crab Cakes

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our friend the blue crab, is a very important part of these blue crab cakes!  Without them there would be no “Maryland Crab Cakes”.  Hopefully that does not sound to heartless but it is true about these blue crab cakes.  We thought it would be fun to know a little bit more about the blue crab.  So here it is a little bio on the blue crab in our blue crab cakes:


  1. Ever wondered why they are called “blue”?  Well that would be because they have blue claws.  The claws are a good way to tell the difference between the girls and the boys. Since the girls have red tips at the end of their claws.  So there is the blue in the blue crab cakes.  Of course by the time you get blue crab cakes there is no shell so you do not get to experience the blue part.


  1. Female blue crabs only mate once in their lives, though they actually can have several egg masses in their life time.  To attract the ladies the males do something like a courtship dance when the time is right for them to be with each other.  When a female is pregnant the eggs that are attached to her abs can have the appearance of a sponge.  It will take the eggs about two weeks before they get released into the water.


  1. It is most likely that only one out many of the eggs will actually survive due to different circumstances.  There are a few stages before the blue crabs look like what we know it as and then use for the blue crab cakes.  The first stage is the larvae, it is then followed by the megalops stage which is when it starts to look more like a crab.  After those two stages they are called juveniles where they are now looking like a crab but still not quite full grown, from there they are considered an adult.


We hope that this information on the crab in the blue crab cakes was interesting for you!  Have a lovely day and do not forget to make an order of blue crab cakes sometime soon if not today.