Order Crab Cakes

Sunday, September 25, 2011

There are so many reasons to order crab cakes.  You might just really enjoy having crab cakes for you and your family.  Maybe you are planning a dinner party or possibly a wedding shower and want to showcase crab cakes as the main dish or appetizer.  All of these are very good reasons to order crab cakes.  We have talked about meals that would work for the family and also dinner parties and what you could do with your dishes.  But we have never talked about doing a wedding shower.  Wedding showers can actually be quite simple to do if you choose to remain calm while planning it.  If you are wanting to do crab cakes for part of the food you might want to consider doing a beach themed wedding shower which could be so fun for the bride and her guests, that she would want you to invite.  Before we talk on how you can use crab cakes let’s first talk about things that could work with the decorating part of a beach theme such as sand, sea shells and flip flops.  I’m sure you could think of other things that would work with that.  Now there are many ways to do the food.  Of course, you will want to have crab cakes.  You could even have shrimp and clams, maybe even chowder.  You could look at our crab cake recipes to get ideas of ways to prepare your crab cakes.  Something like the crab dip or try our crab cake sauce over your crab cakes.  You could serve up different crab cake recipes, not just one.  However, if you are planning on making them do not forget to make an order before the big event.  Remember the wedding shower is to make the bride feel special so having something as fun as crab cakes is a great way to make her feel special.

Order crab cakes now!