Nutrition in Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What is really great to know about Chesapeake Bay crab cakes is that the meat in our Maryland crab cakes is very high in nutrition and on the lower side of calories especially for a meat.  Isn’t that a really great fact to know about the Chesapeake Bay crab cakes?  So for about 3 oz. of blue crab meat there are about 87 calories.  Obviously that is talking about pure meat so adding anything to that would change that.  Now that is a good reason to be wanting to make an order of crab cakes but not just any crab, Maryland crab cakes.  Right now good nutrition is really becoming more important to people all around the United States, which is really great.  Our health is very important and it is one area that you can have control over in this crazy life of ours.  There are so many vitamins in the meat of the blue crab (which our Chesapeake Bay crab cakes are made from) ranging from iron and calcium to some of the B vitamins, plus many more.  Having good nutrition is very important, it could help you have a good immune system.  Makes it so you don’t have as many colds, doesn’t that sound nice?  It could also be a good way from stopping yourself from getting something more serious like a chronic disease.  We at Maryland crab cakes understand the importance of taking care of yourself and eating healthy foods which is why we are happy to produce a great product like Chesapeake Bay crab cakes.   They are made of pure blue crab meat.  Of course the way you prepare it can make it not as healthy, just keep that in mind when cooking.  Since we are on a healthy note after eating the yummy Chesapeake Bay crab cakes take a nice walk with your sweetheart!  We hope this gave you something to think about.

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