Maryland vs Louisiana Crab Cakes

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Maryland and Baltimore Crab Cakes

Crab cakes are among the favorite food for many people especially along the eastern coast. They have many different styles of making crab cakes which are all special in their own little way. It really depends on your taste preference what you like the best but within every home and every restaurant there is that slight special something that makes each crab cake all their own.

Crab cakes are most know in the Maryland area especially Baltimore. Since the blue crabs are most abundant in the Chesapeake estuary crab cakes are easily made with the freshest meat. The only requirement for Maryland crab cakes are that the crab meat is from Blue Crab and it is fresh.

Restaurant vs Boardwalk

There are two different styles of Maryland crab cakes, the restaurant style and the boardwalk style. The restaurant style of crab cakes are also called gourmet style and are not breaded. They are broiled on an open flame or cooked in a pan with butter. They don’t have many types of filler and use large chunks of the crab meat. The meat is not shredded like other styles of crab cakes, so you taste a lot of the crab meat. This is the reason that Blue Crabs are most favored for this style.

The other style and most popular is the boardwalk style. This style of crab cake is filled with egg and bread crumbs and includes a lot of seasoning. The Maryland style crab cakes use Old Bay Seasoning which is very common and popular in the eastern portion of the United States. It is then breaded and deep fried to make the rich crusted texture most desired.

Louisiana Style

Another style of crab cake is the Louisiana style, which uses the same Blue Crab which is also found around bayous, rivers and inlets around Louisiana. The specific style of cooking Louisiana crab cakes is that the cakes are floured, then covered in an egg wash and then coated in bread crumbs. Not only are the crab cakes breaded but they mixed with the fiery spices common to the Louisiana area, like Cajun spice and hot sauce. This style provides the crunchy outer layer coating the crab cake and is a very delicious and rich style of making crab cakes. It is not deep fried but fried in a pan using a little bit of oil. This way is easier for making at home and reduces the amount of fat.

The reason the Maryland and Louisiana style crab cakes are so popular is that they use the meat from the Blue Crabs which reproduce at an exponential rate along the south and eastern coast of the United States. The meat has a very sweet taste which makes these crab cakes the best in the country.

No matter which state you are in you can find a wealthy array of recipes online that will show you the many different styles and ways to make the best crab cake to suite your taste buds.