Let’s Party with Crab Cakes!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chesapeake Bay crab cakes are such a fun addition to the party.  Who wouldn’t want to eat crab cakes at a party?  Start getting your guest list, decorations and menu featuring Chesapeake Bay crab cakes together.  Do you need some tips on what you should do for your upcoming party that will be displaying the crab cakes?


  1. Guest List – You will want to think through who you are wanting to share the delicious taste of Chesapeake Bay crab cakes with.  You could do a small personal dinner party or of course you could invite the whole gang. This depends on your own personal taste.
  1. Decorations – Everyone loves a theme for a party whether it is a big one or a small one.  It is almost the first day of fall so maybe with a new season starting that would be a good theme idea.  Just remember whatever theme you go with you are wanting to work your Chesapeake Bay crab cakes into the event.
  1. Menu – Everyone loves a good menu which is why it is great you are wanting to have crab cakes.  Depending on if you decided to go for a big party or a small party will really help you decide on how you are planning on serving the food.  For a big party you might want to just do a few different appetizers like our crab dip with crackers (perfect way to use the Chesapeake Bay crab cakes), vegetable and fruit platters, and chips, also something to drink.  For a smaller party you might want to go more with a dinner, maybe a lovely plate with classically cooked crab cakes, vegetables and possibly some sort of potato.


So let’s get your party planning going and have fun in the way you serve up the crab cakes.


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