Eating Maryland Crab Cakes – Everything Except the Recipe

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The last thing I want to write here is a recipe for Maryland crab cakes. There are an abundance of the best crab cake recipes online with differences in each one to suite every taste. So instead I will provide you some information on what to eat with crab cakes, whether it is for breakfast lunch or an evening meal, some of the more popular sauces that accompany crab cakes and some healthy alternatives ingredients.

Side dishes that pair well with crab cakes

In Maryland the most popular side dish when serving a Baltimore style crab cake is coleslaw and French fries, but there are many others that serve corn on the cob, fresh biscuits, potato salad and steamed or marinated vegetables. An interesting idea that has been slowing creeping on to restaurant menus is crab cakes for breakfast. They substitute nicely in place of a biscuit and ham when making eggs Benedict. They are very rich and luxurious for brunch and are becoming very popular in seafood restaurants that want to branch out from dinner to breakfast or brunch. Crab cakes have also been a nice dinner starter as they are easy share and don’t have to be paired with a side.

Crab cake dipping sauces

Maryland’s best crab cakes are often paired with tartar sauce or a Remoulade sauce that is easy to make at home and often offers a little spice to the crab cakes. Sauces are entirely your own personal taste and preference but some ideas for Crab Cake sauces that have been kicking around are Cocktail sauce, made with ketchup, Dijon sauce, made with mustard, Creole sauce, that is made with creole seasoning, a creamy caper and dill sauce, that includes dill and capers, and a basil aioli, that is a favorite to pair with an appetizer.

How to make crab cakes Gluten free and other healthy alternatives

One of the first things to reduce the calories in making a crab cake is to avoid deep frying it. You can fry it in butter or a small slick of oil in a pan. Even better than that, some recipes call for baking the crab cake instead of frying it in oil. Another method is to broil the crab cake which allows the fat to escape. Gluten free crab cakes are a lot easier than you may think. Depending on the recipe and what gluten type product it asks for you can substitute flour for coconut or potato flour and you can substitute bread crumbs or crackers for gluten free crackers. Some recipes call for Worcestershire sauce but you maybe able to find a gluten free version or eliminate it from the recipe all together and regular mustard can be substituted for Grey Poupon.

Maryland crab cakes are among the favorite dishes for some and there are a variety of different recipes out there to suite your dietary concerns and you tastes.